Intelligent building & energy management in the cloud

Building Control

We connect all the building's technical systems and sensors to collect data, monitor status and prevent problems & damage.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

We implement solutions where data collection, analysis, reporting & optimization reduce energy consumption, carbon footprint and strengthen sustainability.

Intelligent Building Management

We support the organization and make facility & building management simpler and more efficient for the entire property portfolio.

75% of a building's lifetime cost is operation & maintainance!

Focus on the right things - understand what drives cost in your property. Connect, collect data and build the ability to minimize the cost of management and energy consumption and contribute to increased sustainability through a lower carbon footprint.

We help property owners, property managers, installation and facility management companies to streamline management, to reduce energy costs, carbon footprint and improve sustainability.

Who do we help?

Commercial buildings

Shopping centers, commercial officies, warehouses, industrial units, hotels

Residential buildings

Municipality & privately owned property developers, large and smalller community centers residential premises

Public/gov. buildings

Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Centers, Schools, libraries, baths & swimming centers, communiy halls

What challenges do we address?


Energy cost

With a rampant cost for energy, property management needs to be continuously monitored and optimized. System that in real time helps you find, analyze and realize the savings potential in your property.



By reducing energy consumption & carbon footprint, we contribute to a long-term sustainable property.

We also bring old systems to life - through new cloud-based software technology - without the need to replace existing hardware.

Measuring, following up and reporting sustainability goals is also vital for attracting employees, customers and investors.



Digitalization is only a mean to achieve the business goals.

We help you do that by putting the digital infrastructure in place, customizing the system and training staff in the use of a modern, digital tool -

an EMS and BMS in one.

5 steps to a sustainable and green building

Meliox Connect - the end to end cloud platform for your property portfolio

Meliox Connect is a modern cloud-based platform for data collection, analysis and optimization of technical systems in buildings. Meliox Connect provides control over all systems in your building, regardless of technology and make. You reach all your properties and systems from one platform.

Our philosophy is that the system should be easy to understand and use and be a powerful tool that contributes to efficient and modern building management.

An Energy & Building Management System -

all in one!

Experience peace and quiet!

Tired of dealing with different technologies, platforms, systems and manufacturers all the time? Is it hard to access existing systems through different software and apps? What happens when we sell or buy properties - where are our systems even located?

Meliox has a simple, open end-to-end solution, where existing systems are integrated directly into the cloud to one access point. This helps you monitor the property, optimize energy consumption or export the data to other systems. You don't need to coordinate different suppliers. If there is a digital infrastructure in place, we use it - if not, we make sure it is implemented.

Meliox Connect - an open platform that lets you share data with other systems without any hassle.

Take control of your buildings 

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Meliox Connect is a modern cloud-based platform that adds power to buildings' existing systems without the need for new hardware.

Read more about the platform form and its modules.

Want to know more about the platform Meliox Connect?

AI - how can it contribute?

Digital twin - how does it work?

Our partners

Meliox has a network of partners to cover the entire need in the value chain as well as reach geographically where our customers are. Here are some of our partners today.

Do you want to become a Partner? Make contact!

Meet the team

Daniel Lind

+46 760 00 10 90

Jonah Napieralla

Lead Systems Architect

Mattias Netz

+46 703 20 13 03

Tobias Holm

SW Developer - AI

Fredrik Johansson

Head of international sales &


Obi Reddy

SW Developer

Lets grow together

We are constantly looking for new team members - dont hesitate to  make contact if interested.

About Meliox

The start

Meliox is a Swedish software company in the property sector, with a focus on streamlining property management and operation as well as reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Meliox was founded in 2019 by Daniel Lind and Mattias Netz. Both bringing over two decades of experience from various Swedish and international industrial, property and software companies.

We firmly believe that merging expertise from the property- and IT sectors can significantly enhance competitiveness in this emerging digital age.

Our approach is centered around a modern cloud-based architecture that adds power and intelligence to properties.


75% of a property's lifetime cost is operation and maintenance. But existing IT solutions seldom cater effectively to the demands of the industry today. They tend to be difficult to understand, complicated to set up and often feature outdated and restricted architecture.

"We are passionate about simplifying experiences for our customers. Our primary objective is to contribute to the reduction of energy consumption and carbon footprint through the implementation of industry's latest cloud-based tools".

"Our solutions are built with cutting edge technology to ensure maximum benefit. However, they are at the same time desigend to be user friendly and comprehensible. Our focus is on delivering tangible, measurable outcomes".

Owners & Investors

Since November 2021, Investment AB Latour is a partner and investor in Meliox through its subsidiary Swegon Group AB. This partnership adds a remarkable boost to our growth potential, thanks to Swegons proficiency, expansive market network and financial resources.

Swegon is firmly oriented towards expansion in the realm of proptech, indoor climate and building automation, an arena where we believe our offering can make a meaningful impact.

Our offices are today situated in Karlskrona and Gothenburg - complemented by our presence across Sweden through our network of partners.

Our offices


Gullbergs Strandgata 7, vån 12
411 04 Göteborg



Campus Gräsvik 2
371 75 Karlskrona


Postal address

Meliox AB

Älgstigen 17a

43350 Öjersjö